Jewish Law

Each of the four gospels contain numerous examples of how the Jewish leaders, (Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, etc.) violated the very law they so adamantly claimed they obeyed.

This page provides a number of examples that were recently used at the Holy Grounds Bible study.

During The Trial Of Jesus
The Jewish Authorities Violated
Their Own Law In 21 Different Ways

The following list provides examples of how Jewish authorities violated their own law.

1) Criminal proceedings were never to be permitted when the proceedings will take place as a result of a bribe.
2) Criminal proceedings are not permitted after sunset and before sunrise.
3) No Jewish Judge or Sanhedrin members is to be involved in the arresting of a suspect.
4) No Trials will take place prior to the morning sacrifice.
5) No trail is to be held in secret.
6) Trials could only be conducted in the hall of judgment of the temple compound, the Gospel of John records that portions of the trial took place in the residence of Annas. 
7) Matt 26:59  The first procedure of any legal proceeding is the presentation of the defense, the accusation comes after the defense.
8) Matt 26:59  Legal proceedings that produce a unanimous decision of innocence are permitted but unanimous decisions of guilt are not.
9) Testimony of two witnesses must be absolutely consistent. Matt 26:61 indicates that the testimony against Jesus was inconsistent.
10) The accused will not have to testify against themselves. Matt 26:62 records that the Jewish authorities demanded that Jesus make statements that would represent testimony against Himself.
11) Jewish authorities were not permitted to rent (tear), their garments and create a heightened emotional environment that would unnecessarily provoke those participating in the judicial proceedings.
12) Charges can not originate from the word of the judges but only charges that others bring to them.
13) The accusation of blasphemy is only valid when the accused actually speaks the name of God.
14) Matt 26:65 A person could not be condemned by his own words alone.
15) Matt 26:66 The verdict could not be announced at night.
16) They announce the guilty verdict without a 24 hour time period.
17) Announcement of guilt by means of acclamation wasn’t allowed. Individual votes required to eliminate the influence of older Sanhedrin members upon younger members. Counting would begin with younger and move to the older.
18) Mark 14:64 Unanimous decision of guilt shows innocence because it is impossible for 23 to 71 men to agree without plotting.
19) The sentence could only be announced 3 days after a verdict of guilt.
20) Judges were to remain humane and kind throughout proceedings.
21) A person condemned to death could not be beaten or scourged beforehand.

The Jewish Sanhedrin

Sanhedrin / 71 members / 24 chief priests / 24 elders / 22 Scribes / 1 High Priest

In order for a trial to be legally conducted, there had to be a minimum of 23 Sanhedrin members present.

13 votes were needed to convict, 11 votes would be enough to acquit a person.


While In The Custody Of Jewish Authorities, Jesus Suffered Some Of The Highest Indignities Under Jewish Law

1) Mark 14:65 To strike with the fist punishable by fine of 4 denarius.
2) Matt 26:67 To strike with palm of the hand punishable by fine of 200 denarius.
3) Matt 26:67 To spit in the face punishable by fine of 400 denarius.

One denarius was the equivalent to one days wages.

This information was gleaned from the teachings of Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries

Ariel Ministries Website:         www.ariel.org