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Calvary Chapel Meadow Mesa
Vision Implementation Update:

Timeline of key meetings and events leading up to the establishment of Calvary Meadow Mesa, (CMM).

The following information is provided in an effort to provide a record of God's faithfulness in the establishment of the fellowship known as Calvary Chapel Meadow Mesa.

This record provides a chronological progression of dates and events that tell the story of the growth and development of Calvary Chapel Meadow Mesa.

During the early stages of the "church plant," the church operated under the name Calvary Meadow Mesa.

June 6, 2000:
        I began serving on the staff of Calvary Chapel Spring Valley.

February 2003:
        I began driving through and praying for the area of North Las Vegas. The area was experiencing tremendous growth and yet, very few churches were being established.  I prayed that the Lord would open a door of opportunity to plant a Calvary Chapel in the area.

From 2000 to 2002, among cities with a population of 50,000 or more, North Las Vegas was the 6th fastest growing city in the United States. During that period it had a 17.7% increase with a population of 135,902.

In 2005, among  cities with a population of 100,000 or more, North Las Vegas was the 2nd fastest growing city. During that period it had a 11.41% increase. The population went from 158,540 to 176,635.

While surveying the area and considering possible names for the church, I learned that the area was also known by another name, Meadow Mesa. The moment I saw a sign with the words, Meadow Mesa, I was reminded of two very significant experiences that I felt were somehow related.

1st) One of the most memorable sermons I ever heard was a message delivered by Pastor Michael Gebhardt at Trinity Temple. The message was, "The Hills and Valleys of Life," taken from Deuteronomy 11:11.

2nd) I was also reminded of a dream I had several years prior that seemed to possess tremendous spiritual significance. The dream was so vivid that I immediately sat up in bed and recorded it in the back of my bible. It was a dream in which Hills and Valleys were of particular importance.

In that moment, the words Meadow Mesa had seemed significant, call it an epiphany.

For the believer, God is able to turn our valleys into Meadows. What often appears as a time of fear and foreboding, God transforms into a season of fruitfulness.

Psalm 23:4
4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me; your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

For the believer, God can turn our mountains into Mesas where our vision and perspective is clearer.

Psalm 18:32-33
32 It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect.
33 He makes my feet like the feet of deer, and sets me on my high places.

Habakkuk 3:18-19
18 Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.
19 The LORD God is my strength; he will make my feet like deer's feet, and He will make me walk on my high hills.

In Mike's mind, that was it.  If a "church plant" was going to become a reality, the church would be called Calvary Meadow Mesa, (CMM) and later, Calvary Chapel Meadow Mesa, (CCMM).

March 2003:            Mike met with David Frear / Commercial Realtor and was given maps and information related to the population demographics, growth statistics and projections for the area.

June 26, 2003:         The Holy Grounds Bible Study began. When this study began, it had nothing to do with a possible church plant. The study was simply a ministry opportunity that Mike became aware of. The owners of this coffee shop, who was Christian, was looking for a creative way to draw customers. The bible study took place on Thursday Nights at 7:00 PM. Turnout was good and reasonably consistent. Brian Montaigne, Heather DeVilbiss and Dan Winkler provided music for worship. Dan Winkler provided sound equipment, etc. Mike provided verse by verse expository teaching.

July - Dec 2003:     The Holy Grounds Bible Study grew rather quickly. The coffee shop had seating capacity of approx. 60. Some nights the room is filled to capacity. Holy Grounds Staff are pleased with turn out and told us it was their busiest night of the week.

Jan - Apr 2004:     Holy Grounds staff told us that they were in danger of losing their lease. As thankful as they were to have the Thursday night study, their income throughout the rest of the week wasn't keeping pace with expenses. The bible study had developed a bit of a following and we were faced with a dilemma. Should we simply bid everyone goodbye or would the Lord have us transition into a "bona fide" ministry? We made these considerations a matter of prayer.

April 2004:             Mike met with Pastor John Michaels to discuss the possibility of establishing a Calvary Chapel in the area of Craig Road and I-15. The intention was to provide a place where the believers who had been part of the Holy Grounds Bible Study could continue their fellowship and establish a ministry in the area where few churches existed. Pastor John gave Mike the "go ahead" and encouraged him to continue his efforts while making sure they didn't conflict with his ministry responsibilities at Calvary Chapel Spring Valley, (CCSV).

Pastor John made it clear that there were a number of requirements that would have to be met before the church could to use the name, "Calvary Chapel." These requirements are part of the established system of guidelines that have to be met before any church can use the name "Calvary Chapel." These requirements are administered by Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship, (CCOF), and are part of what makes Calvary Chapels unique and biblically consistent in pattern and purpose.

April 2004:             Holy Grounds Bible Study participants were told of the plan to transition the bible study into a "church plant" in the area of North Las Vegas. The idea was met by eager interest in anticipation of what the Lord may have in store for us.

May 10, 2004:         Our first Home Fellowship took place in the home of Gregg & Dawn Camic. The decision was made to continue Monday night meetings to establish a core group of people interested in being part of a new church plant.

May 17, 2004:          Our second Home Fellowship meeting took place and one of the topics of discussion was whether we should consider the need to find another facility that would accommodate us if and when the bible study outgrows the house. Our current Core Group was approximately 20. Core Group member Jennifer Campbell mentioned that she was aware of a church in the area that may be willing to let us use the facility when they aren't using it. Jennifer was encouraged to contact the Pastor of the church to ask if such an arrangement might be possible. Jennifer met with the Pastor and he expressed a willingness to share the facility with us.

May 18, 2004:           While waiting for Jennifer to report back on the results of her conversation with the Pastor, core group members, Dan Winkler and Jason Sorenson meet with Don Spencer of "Go For it Gymnastics" to see if he might have space that CMM can use for church meetings. Don Spencer said he would be happy help us by sub leasing space to our church.

June 4, 2004:            The Pastor of the Berean Baptist Church, (BBC), agreed to permit CMM to use the facilities of the church to hold meetings.

June 12, 2004:         In a meeting with Pastor John, Mike learns that he will need to continue on staff at CCSV but in due time he will be able to cease his ministry at CCSV to begin Sunday services with CMM.

Our first Saturday night service takes place on June 12, 2004. 35 were in attendance.

June 2004:       Mike met with the pastor of the BBC and it was determined that CMM's
meetings will take place on Thursday nights and Saturday Nights due to the fact Mike still serves on staff at CCSV and must be present at all Sunday services and Wednesday night services. As CMM grows, decisions will have to be made regarding Sunday Services.

 When CMM first began using the BBC, Mike agreed to pay $200 per month with the stipulation that monthly payments would increase on a month by month basis. Mike didn't realize it when he first began using the facility but, the BBC was having difficulty paying their monthly lease payments, hence, their willingness to share their facility with us. The incremental growth of our monthly payments grew faster than we expected because the BBC wasn't growing and their ability to raise funds was thereby limited. Thankfully, CMM's growth was steady and God was gracious to provide us with faithful supporters. Within 6 months of our first meeting in the shared facility, we were paying half the monthly lease payment, $1,000.00.

Sept. 2004:               I met with Pastor John Michaels and learned that my last day of full time ministry at CCSV will be Jan. 1, 2005. With this date in view, our first official Sunday morning service was planned for Jan. 2, 2005.

Oct. 30, 2004:         Our first concert. Chuck Girard, of the early contemporary Christian Group Love Song, led a worship service for the members of CMM.

Jan. 2, 2005:            Our first Sunday morning service was originally scheduled to take place at 12:00 noon but after meeting with the leadership of the Berean Baptist Church,  we obtained the 9:00 AM time slot. The Pastor of the Berean Baptist Church Pastor Ensley With such short notice, (5 days), we didn't have time to contact all of the people who had been part of our regular meetings. We had been meeting on Thursdays @ 7:00 PM and Saturdays @ 6:00 PM. Regular attendance was between 25 to 35 per meeting. I imagined that would be about the size of our congregation on Sunday. When Sunday morning arrived, we were greatly blessed by an attendance of more than 70 people.

Feb - May 2005:    Attendance continues to grow while our friends who are part of the Berean Baptist Church are having difficulty. The question of why some ministries grow and others don't has confounded church leaders from the time church planting began. It appears that the Berean Baptist Church is going to discontinue their church planting efforts.  We will have to assume the lease along with the inherent responsibilities and expenses. Can we do it? Only with the Lord's help.

April 22, 2005:    Our second concert. Chris Heifner brought his band to CMM. It was a wonderful night of original music with a number of worship favorites interspersed. The concert was on a Friday night and the crowd wasn't as large as we'd hoped but those who attended were not disappointed.