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Faith Freedom:
Faith Freedom International is a grassroots worldwide movement of ex-Muslims and all those who are concerned about the rise of the Islamic threat. We want to bring humanity together, not by introducing yet another doctrine, which always ends up dividing mankind more, but by eliminating the doctrines that divide us. We want to abolish this evil 'Muslim vs. Kafir" dichotomy. Mankind is one family. Don't let narcissist men like Hitler and Muhammad sunder us with their big lies. Don't become the victim of the "divide and rule" policy of a psychopath.

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Websites that exposed a joke named Dan Rather.

Websites Re: Political News and Information

Real Clear Politics
The Drudge Report
Ann Coulter
Laura Ingraham
Dick Morris

The American Spectator



Exposing The Liberal World View

Exposing The Liberal Mindset / The 2004 RNC Speech by Zell Miller

Zell Miller's Speech at 2004 RNC
Anything to get elected
A Kept Man

Click Here for the online presentation of
Stolen Honor
The Story of One Man's Willingness to Trash
His "Band of Brothers" for His Own Political Ambition.



Christian and Jewish Perspectives on the News
Christian Perspective Re:  Homosexuality
Covenant News
Crosswalk Christian News
Homosexuality - A Christian Perspective
Homosexual Behavior
Maranatha Christian Journal
Perspective on the News / Perspective of Messianic Jews
Pro Life Information
The Garrett / news and info. re: topics of concern to Christians
"Two of Me" Excellent Word from David Wilkerson
World Events

Christian Resources related to Homosexuality & AIDS