Pseudobiblical & Antibiblical Belief Systems

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Information that will compare various religions and belief systems to biblical Christianity.

Informational Resources Re: New Age, New Spirituality and the Emergent Church:

Reinventing Jesus Christ    A book by Warren Smith on the subject of
For a downloadable PDF copy of the book:  Reinventing Jesus Christ

Articles related to Mormonism:

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Pseudobiblical and Antibiblical Belief Systems
Click on:     The Difference between Mormons and Christians

Also related to Mormonism:
Take a look at this link to     Living Hope Ministries .
This site provides videos that you can watch online for absolutely no cost.
Videos that are available:     The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon
                                         DNA vs. The Book of Mormon
                                         Called To Be Free
                                         Lifting The Veil Of Polygamy

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What Is Mormonism?


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