Spirit West Coast / Del Mar 2006:

Stopping for a snack in Jean, Nevada. day1

Setting up beach house base camp. day1 The beach house is amazing! day1 Strolling down Oceanside Blvd. day1 The Gals. day1 Street Surfer. day1
No Hitchhiking. day1 Appetizers - eating habits for the world to see. day1 Thanking God for our a great day and His blessings. Dinner. day1 On the pier / first night. day1 A moment of creative reflection. day1 Beach view north from beach house. day2
Beach view straight out from beach house. day2 Beach view south from beach house. day2 It may be cold but I'm not missin this moment. day2 Ouch ! It's a skim board not shin board. day2 The traditional baptism by sand. day2 Sand, sun & fun. day2
Making friends. day2 Hot Coffee on the beach. day2 This is great. day2 From the pier. day2 Thank you Lord for Your blessings. Dinner. day2 End of a great day. day2
Evening photo-op. day2 Ready to Rock at Spirit West Coast. day3 Josh Havens of the Afters. day3 The Afters. day3 Meeting with The Afters. day3 God's kids celebrating His goodness. day3
Whenever two or more are gathered...day3 Rockin Heads. day3 One last day. day4